Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blog for a Year. Check.

Happy one year anniversary... um, to me.

My blog is a year old! 

One sunday, a year ago, I drove out to the lake for a couple of hours and while I was out there I discovered the wonderful world of blogging via my iPhone. 

I had always thought that blogs consisted of nothing more than picture after picture of infants (some cute, most not) documenting - in real time - every move they made. (Tiff this excludes you because I often blog stalk you to see your ridiculously cute kid, and kind of wish you had more pictures up... but to EVERYONE else... less is more.) 

Being infant-less and all, I didn't think that blogging was my steez nor really up my alley, but...

that all changed. 

I happened across two blogs that had me laughing and made me realize that even those sans offspring could be a good time.

They definitely inspired me to get my blog on, and they became my 'blogparents', if you will... kinda like real life godparents, except for the fact that they don't send money on my birthday. I'm working on that. 

So to my 'blogfather' Kevin and to my 'blogmother' Una... this one year shout out goes to you!
To highlight a year of Hawkward Moments, here's a a few to freshen up on or to check out if you're new around these parts:

1. Mazda, Why?     

2. Heartbreak Hoopers     

4. WebMD    

If any of these or any others have stood out to you, drop a comment; I would love to hear what ones you've liked!

Moral of Post:
  • I'm actually going to try and write more frequently without the lag between posts - so to all of you that are "closet followers"... knock it off.  It's time to prove your love (you know who you are) Go ahead and follow, spread the word, drop a comment... all of which will help me stick with my goal and hold me accountable to be on the ball and write more.
  • So what was my anniversary present to myself you ask? 


Not shown: the 3 other boxes of Samoas I bought... go ahead, judge. 


  1. BAM year one, I believe you might be inspiring me to restart up my blogging ways. Looking forward to the future reads and laughs!

  2. Wow, Happy One Year to you!! I agree that you need to do more post...I always get a good laugh at what awkward and interesting adventures you find yourself in! So Blog more! Lol! I'm glad our little guy is cute enough to deserve more pictures on the blog. We think so too...unless you have another friend named Tiff and I just assumed it was that would be awkward! :)

  3. 1. Happy anniversary to you and your blog :)
    2. I'm glad many of my favs made it up there, especially the Mazda post taking the top spot. I still can't get over that demonic picture of Amanda Seyfried. I'll never look at her the same again...
    3. And please, no judgments here about the girl scout cookies. I buy myself thin mints AND samoas every year just because I'm me. How's that for pathetic?

    Keep writing, can't wait to hear about more hawkwardness!

  4. three things
    1. I have been watching that ABC video from your full frontal post whenever I cannot sleep at night, which lately has been common. I'm not sure if its the androgynous deep voice or swirly letters but it gives me weird dreams Thanks :)
    2. I was vacillating on posting on your super hilarious WebMD post and didn't. And now I am awash with regret. Im sorry for being a secret lurker :|
    3. Somoas? Have you not taken a bite of the culinary-masterpiece-in-cookie-form also known as Tagalongs?

    Anyways... Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I will eat a tagalong in your honor :)


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