Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stage Fright with Rihanna

I went to dinner the other night at this great Italian place that I'd been to once before and had remembered these three things about it...

1. Best chicken pesto thin crust pizza you'll ever grace your taste buds with.

2. Incredible sea salted thin crust bread sticks with hummus.

3. Awesome modern bathrooms.

Now, being a creature of habit, I ordered the two menu items listed above and once again they did not disappoint; the bathrooms on the other hand...

I go to use the restroom and when I opened the door I was caught off guard by someone already in the bathroom staring me down....


What the....

Never in my life have I walked into a bathroom with a glorified Chia Pet / effigy lurking in the shadows.

Frightening. Muy muy frightening.

Now, riddle me this... does this not look EXACTLY like a planty haired version of Rihanna?

No really, check it:


Suffice it to say that when you have Rihanna in the bathroom with you... there will be some degree of stage fright associated.

Moral of the Post:
  • Disturbia, it's like the darkness is light
    Disturbia, am I scaring you tonight?
          Yes, stone faced-plant haired Rihanna... yes, yes you are. 

  • Jan told me the other day that I have a greater brain capacity and use more brain cells than the average human being... but that unfortunately, those brain cells are used to detect inanimate objects that look like celebrities.

    I'm afraid I'm proving her right.


  1. While I am truly blow away by your newly discovered talent, my fave part of this post is your unique usage of the phrase "one AND the freaking same." Also I think my trash talking from Word with Friends is carrying over into blog comments . . . sorry :)

  2. in the process of proving your friend right, you have made me laugh, and i like to laugh. Loud long and clear.
    thank you x

  3. Hey Christine,

    Duly noted... and although Words with Friends would have accepted 'blow' as an acceptable word; you may have scored an additional two points for using 'blown' which coincidentally would have actually made your previous comment make any sense at all. Two birds, one stone. Just sayin.

    (Wow, you are right - we have got to keep the Words with Friends trash talk in the 'safe zone')


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