Sunday, July 25, 2010

Japan Town

San Francisco Adventures Part II:

After pitching a campaign at Haagen-Dazs' headquarters we had the rest of the time to play around and explore the city.

Our friends ended up staying at a different place than us during the first part of the trip. I guess they had found a killer deal on a room at a hotel somewhere in Japan Town (red flag numero uno).

What's the second red flag you ask?

Hows abouts the fact that the name of the hotel was: Hotel Tomo! Anime Hotel.

Luckily we were able to hang out for a minute in their hotel one night... allow me to take you on the tour.

 Meet Hotel Tomo!

The ceiling of the lobby. This is what first slaps you in the face as you walk in... the giant pink hand floating above you.

Then we have lobby furniture. What you cannot see are the three television sets stacked on top of another playing anime movies to the left.

Here we have the blottoman... part blob + part couch + part ottoman and ALL swagger.

This is the mural on the wall of the bedroom. The girl painted on the wall is actually crying and has tears coming down her cheeks. I can only assume its because the stupid doves stole all of her mail and flew away with them. A lot of symbolism in this. Deep... really really deep.

Now here is the kicker... this is the only framed picture in the room.  My guess is that this is where someone can open it from the other side of the wall and you would NEVER know the difference. On a creepy level this guages at about 9.3 give or take .5

Each floor has bright neon walls and every door is a different color. When you walk out of the elevator it's kinda like old school zebra stripe gum meets carnival fun house meets the Winchester Mystery house.

Now when I said 'here is the kicker'... I lied. THIS is the kicker... as I was leaving the hotel I noticed a sign that said, "To check into the Sleep Disorders Center go to the lobby desk." Yes, if you suffer from sleep disorders, including Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, etc; you can be observed and treated here.

[blank stare]

Because nothing screams relaxation and sweet dreams like proven anxiety colors, peep holes, and traumatic murals all lulling you to sleep at night...

Morals of Post:
  • Once again, if you are in the bay area...
  • The only thing missing is the complimentary 'Chupacabra' in every room. Maybe next year?


  1. Oh man, Hotel Tomo was the best. For the 30 minutes I was there. 20 of which were spent replying to emails at their "internet cafe," being just a wee bit scared for my safety. But seriously, San Fran was fab. (except for that part when all Jeff's valuables were stolen. that totally bombed.)

  2. WOWWWW, I can't wait to book my next room at the local anime hotel. How come no one has ever told me about this? That peeper photo is something else. . .


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