Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Gift for You

So my friend got a gift from Target online.

When you buy a gift from target online you can pay 6 extra bucks for them to wrap it.

My friend had an internal debate whether or not to pay to have someone else wrap a gift for her but figured that they would have cool ribbon, etc... and it would end up looking better than what she could have done with the stuff she had at home.


Meet the worst gift wrapping non-job you have ever seen.

The gift came inside a bigger box that had no packaging peanuts or anything. Just a box inside another bigger box rolling around during its journey from China, or wherever, to here.

Another personal highlight of mine would be the fact that:

A. There was no tape. At all.

B. The ribbon. The ribbon, once wrapped around the box, actually is about 3 inches from even touching the other side of the ribbon. It looks more like a little tail for the box that they glued on. Or like the little streamer on the bottom of kites.

Fun? Yes.

Professional? H to the no.

Moral of Post:

      Gift... 50 dollars.

      Worst Wrap Job Ever... 6 dollars

      My friend still giving the gift and writing "A gift for you, only the best will do, this is the worst wrapping job, so if you got a problem... screw you." on the card provided...  Priceless

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  1. They could at least non-wrap it in paper that doesn't scream "I'm too lazy and/or inadept at wrapping presents so I paid some 5 year old kid in a North pole sweat shop to not wrap this since I couldn't have purchased this 'awesome' Target gift wrap anywhere on the planet". Get some class Target, non-wrap your wrapped presents in plain old newspaper or something. And all my friends would know I didn't wrap it, because all my gifts come in my own special gitf wrap - newspaper duct taped on because that's the only tape I could find or the same plastic bag it was carried home in (with or without the receipt in the bag still, depends on my mood).


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