Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Michelin Man vs. Stay Puft

I was filling my car with gas today and while I was waiting I looked up and had a stare-down with the Michelin Tire man above the pump. By all means I should be terrified of him - when I was a kid I had a REALLY hard time with the giant angry marshmallow thing that destroyed part of New York City in Ghost-busters. Between him, the clown from IT, and a giant blue yahtzee cup with fangs - they became the key players in about 96% of reoccurring nightmares I had as a kid. I don't know if you have paid that much attention but the two are strikingly similar... lose the gut and the creepy sailor get-up and BAM - You have the Michelin Man. Unnerving.

Although I would never want to be alone in a room with the guy; I have to admit that the 'Sad Road' commercial is probably one of my favorite commercials as of late and the hero just so happens to be the Michelin Man.

Smart Advertising.

Don't get me wrong I'm not fully endorsing the man who throws chunks of his torso (maybe that is how he lost his gut from Stay Puft?!) onto your car, but I'm merely just stating that this commercial has definitely broadened my judgment of him.

Favorite Critters: The animal that starts the skipping record at the beginning. The porcupine who has scratched in the road how many days he's been stuck there, and the poor screaming creature when he thinks he's about to be hit.


  1. Hawk! I am loving this new blogging thing! Lol, I always get a good laugh out of your stories! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I believe that the pillsbury dough boy should be thrown in with these two. Maybe he is the stunted brother who gets left out because he was always smaller and nicer than the other two.

  3. i definitely agree with the pilsbury dough boy. who also lumps into the statement below:

    the michelin man is obscene. He just is.


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