Tuesday, March 16, 2010

'Chip and Dale' not 'Chippendale'

Okay, so I made reference in my last post to wheelchairs at Disneyland, and I couldn't help but post this - it was probably the greatest day of my life. Becca's family came to visit and had never been to Disneyland before so we were going to show them the ropes of the happiest place one earth.

Now flashback - Addi, Becca and I were driving around and Becca showed us a wild picture of herself back in the day (which I'm sure she later regretted) which she had conveniently hidden from us in some red folder. Words cannot do justice to the greatness of this picture... I will see if I can get my hands on it again for your viewing pleasure.

About a week later Addi and I hatched up a brilliant idea in preparation for our Disneyland day. Recipe is as follows:

Step 1. We searched for the red folder in her room and 'borrowed' the picture
Step 2. A quick stop to Kinkos to enlarge the pic - The kid working the photo lab gave us a very judgmental look as he was helping us and I felt somewhat pressured to explain what we were doing. The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: We are making shirts. It's a pretty funny picture of our friend. Kind of a inside joke.
Kinkos Kid: It's an old picture?
Me: Yes.
Kinkos Kid: So, is she hot now?
Me: Yes.
Kinkoss Kid: Wow, that's brutal.

Step 3. Once we got out of the awkward chit chat with the Kinkos Kid with our now frighteningly large pic of Becca we went and got some iron-on transfers and got to work. We crafted the shirts while Becca was at work as everyone else else offered warnings of "She is going to kill you guys."

Look down, now look back up. Where are you? You're at Disneyland -

When we paid for parking the lady instructed us to park in the Chip and Dale section. I look over and see that Becca had the most confused/speechless look on her face. I laughed and told her the lady said the 'Chip and Dale' section not the 'Chippendale' section and that this wasn't 'that' kind of park. I knew it was going to be an awesome day and we hadn't even made it to the parking lot yet.

When we got out of the car Addi and I explained how in order to get the full Disneyland experience you have to wear matching shirts so you don't loose each other in the park and we pulled out the 'Becca Shirts' for everyone wear. I think Becca's mom was the most excited about it. Luckily, Becca didn't want to kill us rather she was impressed that we were able to pull it off and keep it a secret from her for so long.

The day kept getting better everywhere we went we would pass EVERYONE and go straight to the front of the line... some rides even have secret elevators to the front of the line. I haven't been that close to feeling like a star at Disneyland since Seal threw away a wrapper in the garbage can I was sitting on when I was seven. Awesome.

Each of the rides that take your picture we would proudly display our Becca Shirts so that she would be immortalized in all the pictures.

Becca's mom didn't love Space Mountain so much. When we got off the ride she was silent and her eyes were huge. Becca's dad told us that he was having fun until he looked over and and saw how petrified his wife was and that he had to keep looking over to make sure she was still alive throughout the ride. All of us kind of wanted to go again but the line was really long (warning: by reading on you hereby agree not to judge us) so we tried to convince her mom that it was a fun ride and she should give it another shot and that it gets better the second time. She didn't buy it. So we waited in line as she recovered. Man, you really take that wheelchair for granted when the second time you ride you actually see how long those lines are and how many chains keep you from the time of your life. Especially when you have ADD and its hard enough to wait in line at a drive-thru.

After the ride we thought we would tone it down and let Becca's mom recover, so we hit up the submarine ride. I somehow remember the submarine ride being... a little more fun. When you get in you are sitting in these tiny tiny seats which were made for kids - or Asians, and you sit in the dark for about 40% of the ride. While we were submerged and in the dark I felt something jab into my eye, I yelped and Becca told me to calm down - turns out she was bored and wondered if she could poke me in the eye in the dark on the first shot. Success. By the time we we were out of the pitch black I looked over and saw Becca clawing at the window trying to escape the l o n g e s t ride ever. It was somewhat reassuring to see that someone's ADD was worse than mine.

When hunger overcame all of us we ate at some Mardi Gras place for lunch. As the waitress seated us she commented on Becca's Mom's shirt "I like your shirt, is that you?" Like a bullet out of a gun, I have never heard someone reply with 'no' faster than her mom did - and I grew up with the Safety Kids "Just say no" tapes... that's saying something.

The day was magical - Hearts were touched, lives were changed, dreams were realized... So as we departed that night surrounded by crying and screaming children who were all fun'd out; I looked around breathed in the churro aroma filled air and made a memory.

Morals of the Post:
  • The sincerest form of flattery is pasting one's face in public view for thousands and thousands of people to see on a v-neck shirt that screams, 'She's with us!' So Becca, show a little gratitude eh.
  • Seal never was cool. So if you are going to name drop in a blog... try harder.

Ps. If any ya'll need the Becca shirt for any special occasion - QuinceaƱeras, Bar Mitzvahs, a night on the town... whatever it may be. Hit me up, I'll hook you up.

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  1. how the hell does this post not have any comments? ARE YOU KIDDING ME. This might top the charts in my book (thus far...i am currently reading in chronological order, starting with the earliest.). It is EXTREMELY important that I point out a few things:

    1. Hawken. are you serious? I SAW SEAL AT DISNEYLAND. THIS IS NOT A LIE. Except I was like 17 not 7 and he was with Heidi Klum and it made me want to throw away the churro i was devouring. but then i remembered that it cost me like 8 dollars so i finished it. and another one.

    2. THE SUBMARINE RIDE omg...i was laughing OUTLOUD at this section. "I wanted to see if I could poke you in the eye in the dark on the first try." THAT IS AMAZING. hahahahahha

    3. Safety Kids...playin' it safe!

    WHY ARE YOU AND I THE SAME SOUL IN TWO BODIES. like I HONESTLY want to know what is going on. It's getting better/scarier.


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