Sunday, March 21, 2010

We've Been Friends How Long?

There seems to be a little bit of confusion out there as to who I am in the Space Mountain picture. I thought it was pretty easy to pick myself out in the picture; but when I was at work turns out that about half my coworkers picked the wrong person. Including Mel, who by the way has known me for 20+ years. Really? C'mon!

Now don't get me wrong - Addi I am not saying its bad that everyone keeps thinking I'm you, that would be an honor - I think the problem lies in the fact that in this particular picture you sorta look a little... handicap. Okay lets get real - we both do. It is definitely not a real flattering picture of either of us. (Which in our defense, the drop on that part of the ride is pretty steep and the angle that the wind must have caught our faces really didn't help much either...) and I quote, "The report found that Disney's Space Mountain is still one of the more intense rides in the area -- showing more than 3.5 Gs. " (Local 6 Reporting) - Thank you Google. So lets not forget the 3.5 G's that had a hand in the making of this picture eh? If that face were the price you had to pay to have that much fun all the time... I'd walk around all day with that face. Scaring children along the way. Killing two birds with one stone.

So to clear up any confusion - the one that looks like a rugged 33 year old ethnic man with neck issues, who's proudly displaying his Becca shirt; that's me.

For kicks, here is another great coaster pic -


  1. I am EXTREMELY proud of myself that I picked you out correctly by myself!

  2. i picked you correctly too and i've only seen you in real like 2 times...and it was on the same day. I doubt that is actually true (we've been living the same life since birth) but anyway..i have to confess something:

    the picture on this post was SO intriguing to be that i was so happy when i got to read it. but then i didn't really finish reading the post because you started talking about trying to find you in the picture and i literally spent about 10 minutes trying to enlarge the photo from THIS post and trying to find you in the back. All the while thinking, "this doesn't really look like space mountain". i'm dumb.


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