Friday, March 26, 2010

Blogging Tickets and Cold Soup

I got my first blog related ticket. So pretty much I think I have just jumped from novice blogger to hardcore blogger status.

I was suppose to meet with Becca and Addi for lunch the other day at a Chinese joint. I sorta slept in. The worst part is that the night before I had haggled Becca into having lunch at 11:30 instead of 2:00 because I'm pretty much starving for lunch by 10:30. I thought it was a great compromise. Unfortunately, due to not being able to sleep the night before - I definitely overslept. When I woke up I completely forgot about lunch. So I got up and sleepily started blogging and around 11:45 I got a call from Becca - panic - I told her I was nearly on my way (mostly left out the part that I had to shower and get dressed too...)

I told Becca to order my usual and I would be there before they even realized I was gone. So as I am cruising over, a cop was coming the other way over a bridge and turned his lights before I even past him. What the?! Can they even do that? I guess there is a first for everything. I quickly sent out a distress text to Becca telling her that I was just pulled over. The officer ended up giving me a ticket for 14 over, which may or may not have been pretty generous considering the fact that I was clocked going 28 over... Then he thanked me for wearing my seat belt and how much he appreciated it. Jokes on you copper, I flung my seat belt on while you were pulling your kamikaze u-turn maneuver to pull me over - Its the little victories that keep me going.

So about an hour late to lunch I finally get to the restaurant and find Addi packing my meal into a to-go box. As I was thanking him Becca informed me that he was mostly trying to cover up the tracks of how much of my fried rice he had eaten. Clever.

Also, it turns out that if you let egg drop soup completely cool before you eat it it turns into a solid. So by the time I got there I had just enough time to chew my soup, eat Addi's leftovers of my meal, and enjoy the 9 minutes of company before I had to be at work.

Moral of the Post:
  • Always wear your seat belt - but if you kind of forget and get pulled over... hurry and put it on while the cop is not looking... it may be the factor that drops your 28 to a 14.


  1. Mmm. Just when I thought egg drop soup couldn't get anymore disgusting...(which, by the way, the name of it should be the first clue)

    This is the first I've heard of this ticket Mr. You're quite the wily little devil aren't you? Any other legal indiscretions I should know about? ; )

  2. 1) I also get hungry by 10:30, I usually find that I eat my whole sack lunch by 11, before my first class is even out.

    2) In regards to Becki's question about your legal indiscretions, have you ever told her about our fortune cookie fiasco, or when you and Mike and Doug chose to jump off the bridge into Salem pond in the middle of the night in your skivvies? I'll be sure to bring up any others that I remember.

  3. 1. That is why we are the same person... give or take the fact that your idea of a movie night is a Bette Midler marathon. We have our subtle differences.

    2. The second installment of 'cop run ins' was going to be about the Salem Pond story. The fortune cookie epic didn't actually involve cops per se but it was way too funny and sketchy not to blog about. Good call Eric!

    2 1/2. Since you've been there since the days of wearing overalls drinking lemonaide down by the railroad tracks - I'm counting on your frighteningly accurate memory to recall other Hawkward moments...


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