Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hippie Children

I helped Niel Diamond today.

Not the real one though... the one whose parents were hippies and thought it'd be cool to name their kid after the artist for some sentimental reason that I'm probably a lot better off/more innocent not knowing.

I was tempted to say something - but tact got the best of me. Instead, I have had Sweet Caroline stuck in my head all day.

Thanks Neil Diamond. The both of you.

And yes, the pot IS calling the kettle black. Deal with it.

P.S. - I have helped a few peeps who's parents were hippies; I feel as though we share a brotherhood bond of sorts.

A few of my favorites so far:

- Sandy Beach
- Silver Grey Cloud
- Thunder Storm Cloud (Silver's brother)
- Sharon Smith (the man)


  1. Ahh! I used to work with Sandy Beach at the Cracker Barrel in Springville, haha! Also I had a neighbor named Sharon Smith, only it made more sense because she was a lady. I still think nothing beats the girl named Cumorah Hill in my singles ward though. Parents? Really??

  2. adam neve bullough may be my favorite


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