Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Little boy passing me in the parking lot: "Hey dad... that guy has a purse."

Moral of Post:
  • Little boy: 1  Man bag: 0


  1. Whatever Hawken, you did that kid a favor by opening his eyes to the way of the future. And in all honesty, you win some and you lose some. Today's Groupon coupon for example: $25 off when you spend $50 at Gap INCLUDING sales items. Christine:limitless possibilities Gap: $25 :)

  2. I tried to find a clip of Joey's "Man's bag", but I was unsuccessful. On the bright side, I think this might be even better than that:

  3. Oh, and anyone who uses the word "swimmingly" is a friend of mine. Unfortunately, the day I turn a blue couch black is the day Amanda Bynes returns to the silver screen. Not to say it could never happen (she'll come around eventually), but it might not be pretty.

    And congrats on the plants! Plants make every room better.


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