Saturday, September 4, 2010

Better Safe Than Sorry

I was in the grocery store when I came across this fun little scene.

The first time I walked by this woman, bless her heart, I had one of those moments where your brain is trying to assess the situation and is desperately trying to circle the item that doesn't belong. It wasn't until after I had passed her that I realized; yes, yes that grandma is wearing a helmet and yes, we are inside of a grocery store.

So naturally I had to go back to get some 'chips' in order capture the moment.

Morals of the Post:
  • Really, how dangerous is the deli meat aisle?
  • I was slightly tempted to throw a grape at her helmet (you know, just to make sure the helmet was operating properly) but then I thought to myself, 'What if that were my grandma wearing a helmet in the deli aisle... would I want someone throwing grapes at her?" After thinking about that for a minute... I realized, "My grandma would NEVER wear a helmet to the grocery store... ever." So I kinda got tempted again.


  1. Maybe she thought she'd be on Supermarket Sweep, and thus, wanted to be protected from flying hams and turkeys. That's my guess, at least.

  2. @Steve,

    I really think you might be onto something... you never know when a flying ham is going to be launched toward your head/face... lest we forget the whole Paula Deen fiasco:

    Maybe helmets should become mandatory... grab your shopping cart, grab your helmet, grab your diet sprite and happy grocery shopping.

  3. You never can be too careful with a danger of exploding turnips.


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