Sunday, May 16, 2010

How to Grow Old in Style

I saw this the other night; after searching high and low, I finally found it so I could share it with ya'll. (And yes, it paused at a really awkward frame... so just push play already.)

Is it just me or is silver streamer somewhat anti-climatic after having an elf spring at you going top speeds?! I think they digressed a little on that one.

I beleive there are a whole lot of other things that they could have launched to make Betty White flinch for sure. You know what I think they should have shot out of that cannon... Justin Bieber.  Really.  I think they could have killed two birds with one stone had they gone that route (moderate pun intended) - but hey, that's just me. 

Morals of Post:
  • Betty White makes getting old seem bearable.  I have a legitimate fear of growing old but I figure if I can somehow end up on commercials, movies, TV shows, and making A LOT of money while I'm at it when I get that old... I will be just fine.

  • If anyone was offended by the Bieber comment, maybe you should be shot out of the cannon next. Just sayin.

  • If anyone knows how to adopt this woman as a grandma please contact me.


    1. I don't really have comment, but you did say that getting a comment is little like Christmas morning. So here is to Christmas in June.

    2. this video is "no longer available" and I feel like I missed out on something really good.

      also note, I am a Bieber lover. i promise if you watch Never Say Never with me, you will understand why. maybe.


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