Thursday, May 20, 2010

Creepin' on the Freeway

So I'm a little ashamed to admit that I watched Aladdin tonight...

Don't get me wrong; I'm not ashamed that the movie was Aladdin - but more so ashamed of the fact that I watched it through the glass of an SUV on the freeway for about 30 minutes on my way home tonight.

There was a ton of construction on the freeway and as I was passing this SUV I noticed there was a movie playing in the backseat. When I got to the side of it I realized it was Aladdin, and if you are going to be stuck in construction traffic you might as well have something to keep you entertained; am I right or am I right?! So naturally, I pulled back and started following them.

The movie was great. Also, riddle me this... since when did they start installing HD televisions in cars?! Pretty sure that thing had a clearer picture than my TV at home. I was tempted to pull to the side and ask them to roll down the windows and turn up the sound so I could at least hear what was going on, but then I thought beggars can't be choosers so respectfully declined that urge. Instead, I played a little game... see what songs on my cd would match what was happening on the screen. I had a lot of misses until the fight seen with Aladdin and Jafar and Kids with Guns by the Gorillaz came on. I counted it as a moderate success...

I may or may not have gotten a little too invested in the movie because when we got out of the construction zone and everyone else was speeding up and passing by; I lagged behind the SUV clearly disobeying the 3 second distance rule to what some might call a creepy degree.

I upheld my creeper status as I would speed up when they would speed up and change lanes following them when they were obviously trying to loose me. I would have given a friendly flash of my brights to tell them gently to knock it off and let me enjoy my movie, had the memory of that urban legend of if you bright someone they come after you and run you off the road not popped into my head - I don't think it was paranoia - just playing it safe.

It was almost the end of the movie when Jafar is a Genie and by now I was completely into this thing... unfortunately the SUV made its way over to the exit lane and I had an internal conflict whether to follow them or not. I figured by this point the family had 9 and 1 already punched into their cellphone and were just waiting to see if I was going to follow them off the off-ramp before pressing the other 1. Since I have already maxed my ticket/pull over quota for the year, I reluctantly let them slip out of sight and into the darkness.

I still don't know if I made the right decision.

Morals of the Post:
  • If you are going to distract everyone on the road with a clearly visible motion picture in your vehicle then don't be all creeped out when people get all up in your grill to get a good seat. Quit being selfish.
  • I swear I don't know how a Gorillaz song got on my cd; so stop judging me.


  1. now I want to go home right now and watch Aladdin on my POS non-HD TV. And sing every song along with the movie. I have basically the entire sooundtrack on my iPhone, so we should meet up and creep the crap out of that van. You bring the movie, I'll bring the soundtrack. It will be a million times better then Gorillaz.

  2. Ahhhh, I was laughing out loud at my desk at work on this one!!! I have been similarly tempted on occasion to be a creeper/follower but I think I already flirt with danger while driving in general. It would push my luck to watch TV in another car while on the freeway for an extended period of time in construction traffic late at night . . .

  3. Hey Factoid-er -

    I'll see your soundtrack and raise you 2 lbs of Kettle Corn popcorn; that van will rue the day...

    Hey Christine -

    You can buy my 'How to multi-task whilst driving' instruction tutorials online. I'll even think about throwing in a promo code just for you.

    Because I care.

  4. Christine-

    Take it from someone who knows. . .He doesn't care and he will give you an expired promo code, he always does.


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