Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Public Apology

To all those who have heard me belting out the Black Eyed Peas' Just Can't Get Enough song for the past few months, leaning back (not by choice, my car's seat is stuck that way) whilst driving my ghetto red velvet interior car down the street singing:

"I'm addicted, I want to German size your love."

Which, turns out, actually says..

"I'm addicted, I want to jump inside your love."

(which in all fairness, equally makes no sense...)

I apologize.

To all my German friends that I have also offended; I'm doubly sorry.

If it makes you feel any better, I thought to 'German size' one's love was a good thing... like something that Fergie only does if she's really into you.

But I digress.

Moral of the Post:

  • I'm a bucket full of struggles when it comes to lyrics. One time my mom caught me singing "dirty Dee's and the dungarees" instead of "dirty deeds done dirt cheap" to AC/DC's Dirty Deeds (her playlist) in the car and turned off the volume to ask, "wait, what did you just sing?!" To this day I haven't lived that one down. Sadly, the only song that I actually know all the lyrics to, and will until the day I die, is Wilson Phillips Hold On -- which is likely due to an unfortunate set of roadtrips as a kid where that was the only cassette anyone ever remembered to grab. Had my brother ever come to the rescue I probably would have Kris Kross' hot billboard hit Jump burned into my memory, but alas;

Don't you know things can change
things'll go your way
if you hooooold on, for one more day... yeah,
if you hold on for one more day


  1. Remember that time I had 3rd row seats at Wilson Phillips and wish we had been friends at the time since I had extra tickets?
    PtotheS: As your fellow band member, I vow to help you with lyrics in preparation for upcoming gigs.

  2. This one started the morning off right for me with a gut buster laugh that made my manager inquire as to what was going on. Thank you for the cherry on top of my organic oatmeal morning, which was otherwise rather humdrum.
    And I feel much safer in admitting, since you were so brave, that I have been guilty of this offense NUMEROUS times, and it's only at Korean karaoke that I really see the error of my ways. So much education at that place . . .

  3. I love how you speak English. :) And in all honesty, since Fergie herself is German sized, it's easy to have mistaken those lyrics. I'm sure you're not alone in that.

  4. Shell, I also remember that was EPIC! "Someday somebody's gonna make you want to
    Turn around and say goodbye...."

  5. I used to think the famous 80's song said, "Baby, I'm your wayward son" (instead of "carry on my wayward son").

    Hawk there are so many reasons we are friends. We share in this unfortunate inability to clearly hear what songs are sung. Tasha regularly gives me the sideways glance of "what did you just say...?"

    By the way, it's probably time you came over again, we have another child now.

  6. 3 words. Post. More. Often. DO YOU HEAR ME!? This was great. My sister still makes fun of me for singing "boo hoo" instead of "woo woo" to a sad Dixie Chicks song. In my opinion all country songs should have the phrase "boo hoo" somewhere in there. That's just the kind of songs they are.


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