Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Going Green One Decibel at a Time

I think I just heard someone in Connecticut open a Sun Chips bag.

Moral of Post:
  • Not only great for composting; but I'm willing to bet a pretty penny or two that this is going to be the new hipster's rape whistle.
Unfortunate Update: Hipsters you are out of luck (yet again); they are discontinuing the Sun Chips eco friendly bags, but lucky for you they'll be vintage in a month... so stock up.


  1. That was ME you heard opening the sun chips!! love this blog, hawkster!

  2. mmm, Sun Chips. I don't even care what variety I get - They're all effing delicious.

  3. bahahaha! Hawken, I'm so happy you blog. Get ready for some comments clever boy, I'm headed into the archives (not stalker, just desk job--you understand?)


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